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Auto CFS
Auto CFS

Auto CFS

Handling of motor vehicles is our specialty. Over the years we have built a reputation as the trusted Auto CFS facility in the region, offering a one stop seamless service for all vehicle and equipment importers. 

We take charge of all vehicles nominated to our CFS from the point that the vessel docks. Our experienced team inspects the vehicles at the ramp to ensure that it is intact and is delivered as it was shipped. This is because we understand that handling motor vehicles is sensitive due to the risk of loss of components and gadgets.  We therefore have in place a security system that ensures efficient transfer from the ramp to our facility for safe keeping until you take possession of your vehicle. 

Due to our close proximity to the port, the vehicles cover very short distance devoid of potholes and traffic making our facility the CFS of choice for most importers. The security and safety of the vehicles are enhanced by high perimeter wall, electric fence, CCTV, 24 hour guards complete with patrol dogs, flood lights and monitoring tower. With these security features our clients are assured of ‘peace of mind’ as they go about their core business that all vehicles’ processing from receiving on the ramp, to their temporary staging at the Port while processing exit to the escort system to our CFS is foolproof and highly secure.

Security is remains a key priority at Kencont CFS. We provide security to each vehicle while in the Port and in addition, should there be a vehicle with documentation issues that could delay processing; we provide 24 hour security for the affected vehicles, to ensure total control of security for the vehicles, at no extra cost to our clients.

Our security service is also provided to our car carrier as it transports vehicles to their respective destinations.

To nominate Kencont CFS as your preferred Container Freight Station for all your shipments, all you need to do is to indicate “KEN CFS” or “KENCONT CFS” on the Bill of Lading (BL) prior to departure from port of loading.
If the cargo will be stripped please indicate “IN TRANSIT TO KENCONT FOR STRIPPING” on the Bill of Lading (BL) prior to departure from port of loading.

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